Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's no secret that I have a serious problem with throwing over-the-top birthday parties.  I adore it.  I love the planning and designing and decorating and executing my vision!  I realize my kids' would be perfectly happy with some ice cream and a few friends over.  But, that just won't do.  

I've known I wanted to do a Candyland party for Brenna this year since her birthday last year.  Luckily she was easily sold on the idea - because, well, she has a serious love of candy!  Here's the party through pictures.

 the treats table
 backdrop of streamers and balloons
 Brenna's special cake - she fell in love with this when she saw it on the computer
 egg-free cupcakes to be safe for her BFF Claire
 party favors - maracas, ring pop, magnifying glass, whistle, candy, and a bouncy ball
 Candyland cake.  We had planned to bake it ourselves, but I wasn't feeling too hot the night before so we ordered it to be picked up at Food Lion two hours before the party so I could decorate it.  I called to make sure it was ready and they told me they had no record of the order.  I called back, talked to a manager, and voila! we had a plain white cake 30 minutes later.  Decorating it was the easy part!
 fun interview

 DumDum topiary that B helped me make
 first paper banner made with my Silhouette
 her sweet buddy Caden
 path outside

 so excited
 Caden was a fan
 acting a little shy
 The kids knew exactly which pieces they wanted - haha!
making candy necklaces :)
Davin loved all the attention once he finally woke up.


Now time to start planning Davin's 1st birthday party! ;)


  1. Looks AMAZING! Once you plan Davin's, you can start thinking about themes for my boys in Oct and Nov. :)

    1. I still can't decide whether to blatingly steal your UNO idea or do Hungry Caterpillar for D! I want to do a painting party for B next year!

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