Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great Easter (other than the 1.5 hours in the utility closet!)  We spent Friday-Sunday with Jonathan's family in VA, which is always fun.  Here's a rundown of what we did and some pictures of our weekend!

*Brenna, Jonathan, and I had a snowball fight with snow from a verrrrry small pile of snow that hadn't melted yet.
*Davin fought sleep at naps (per usual)
*We had a big family meal when Brandan and Rachel arrived on Friday night.  Then we just sat around and talked a bunch.
*Brenna and I colored Easter eggs.

*Gave the kiddos Easter buckets.  (Brenna - badminton set, puzzles, pjs, some candy, paddleball, flower headband, and panties ~ Davin - xylophone, pjs, puffs, baby spoons, wooden toy cars, and a baseball onesie)
*Big breakfast.
*Kite flying, Easter egg hunting, badminton (kinda), bubbles, and basketball in the yard all morning.
*Jonathan and Brandan played some golf.
*Rachel and I went to the gym.
*We made resurrection rolls with Brenna.  She kept looking for the marshmallows and couldn't be fooled.
*Big dinner.

*We made it to the Easter breakfast at church late (thanks to  a sudden bathroom emergency on the way)
*Church, complete with family matching Easter outfits.
*Sleeping D in the utility closet thing - ha!  I held him for about an hour and then J did about 45 minutes.
*Huge Easter dinner at Jonathan's maw-maw and paw-paws house.  All the aunts/uncles/cousins were there.  It was fun and we laughed a lot.
*Both kiddos crashed on the way back.
*B slept until about 6:30.  We had to wake her up - she was exhausted!
*Huge wreck on I77 convinced me to wait until tomorrow for my mom to come get us, and J also decided to go back home early Monday before work.

I have a feeling next Easter will be even more chaotic with a toddler and a preschooler!  EEK!

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