Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa 2012

 We bought the kitchen at Ikea.  Then hacked it.  
We painted the counter and added the fabric backsplash.  I love it!
 B also got the homemade Lego table (another Ikea hack) and the beanbag.  
Davin got the mirror to play with, plus the ball roller coaster and Pooh plush stacking rings you can barely see in the two above pictures.

I really like doing the three gifts from Santa.  They got plenty more from us (too much, admittedly) but I hope we can keep the 3 thing down to keep some relation to the story of the three gifts for Baby Jesus.  Always trying to find ways to tie in the story!  We read the story of Jesus's birth after doing Santa gifts but before doing wrapped gifts this year too.  I liked that as well.

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  1. that kitchen and your lego table are so impressive!!!!!!


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