Sunday, December 23, 2012

33Before33 - #25 - Party!!

 So we moved in to our new home on December 1.  That's a whole different blog post about how it all happened so fast.  With pictures!  And stories of how the Lord worked it out perfectly!  But, anyhow, I had already planned a Christmas playdate for Brenna's friends, so I just kept the date the same and worked like crazy to get the house in some sort of order.  There were 12 adults and 20 (I think?) kids, so it was crazy and chaotic.  But fun!  I'm pretty sure there isn't one single picture of my kids, but here are some pictures anyway.  I'm thankful we're starting to have a friend base here in Hickory.
 hot chocolate bar
 Krissy (about 3 weeks from meeting Baby C) and sleepy D
 E chowing down
 sweet K
 cutest kid on Earth - so sweet
 B's favorite Hickory friend - C
 cutie pie A
 reindeer doughnuts that never got eyes
 snowmen doughnuts that never got eyes or buttons - oops
 making Christmas lights fingerprint cards
 Dawn and L
 C and A found the Memory game!
 sweet, sweet little L
 making edible Christmas trees with ice cream cones, green icing and lots of toppings
 the only picture of B!  hiding in the kitchen as usual - ahh!
 sweet boy C
Jonathan made me take this picture.  Welcome to motherhood, right? 

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