Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Here's what we were up to this year...
*My mom came to visit us in NC.
*We found out baby #2 was a BOY.
*Sheri and Lisa came to visit. It was so, so fun and needed!
*We went to the North Carolina Zoo on a warm winter day.

*We took our first visit to the Catawba Science Center.
*Jonathan and I went to Greenville to see Will Hoge. We visited the Caskeys on the way. The concert was sold out, so we ate a nice dinner out instead.
*I turned 30! Eek!
*I had fun decorating our bedroom doors for Valentine's Day.
*We played outside a lot!

*We had a Seussical 2nd birthday celebration for Brenna.
*Brenna turned 2!
*We picked a name for Davin Ryan.
*Brenna and I spent a few days in Bristol to help my friend Wendy with her consignment sale.
*We had family pictures made in Bristol.
*My family threw us a baby shower in Abingdon.
*We decided to attend The Cove church in Newton.

*We went to church at TFC and celebrated Tinley's first birthday in Salem.
*We spent Easter at home in NC.
*Paige and I threw Sheri a baby shower in Pulaski, VA.

*I tried to potty train Brenna. FAIL.
*Mom came to visit again.
*We celebrated my last Mother's Day as a mother of one.
*I had a little procedure at the OBGYN office. Terrible. Horrible.
*Jude White was born!

*My mom followed her motherly instincts and came to NC about 3 hours before I went into labor.
*I went into labor on my due date. Welcome baby Davin!
*Brandan and Rachel came to meet Davin.
*The Caskeys came to visit.
*We celebrated Father's Day at Cracker Barrell.
*We went to Bristol for Davin's newborn photos.
*Leah Jones was born!
*I didn't sleep much.

*We went to Jonathan's parents' house.
*Jonathan's dad came to meet Davin.
*We all got to meet Jude and Leah finally.
*The Bashams met Davin.
*Brenna went to Bible school for a week.
*Jonathan, Davin, and I went to Nashville for a week. Brenna split the week between Jonathan's parents and my mom's.
*We celebrated our 4th anniversary at the Grand Ole Opry.

*I got a horrible case of mastitis the day before we left for the beach.
*We spent a week at the beach with the Bashams.
*We stopped at the NC Zoo on the way back.
*We celebrated Brady's first birthday in Bristol.
*Sheri brought Leah to see us in Austinville.
*We watched lots of Olympics.

*The kids and I spent a week with my mom. I helped my friend Wendy with the consignment sale again. I got really sick on the day we were supposed to head home.
*We also spent a couple days with Jonathan's parents.

*We met the Caskeys at the Children's Museum in Rutherfordton. SO fun.
*Davin rolled over.
*We went to the balloon festival in Statesville.
*I took Brenna and Davin to the apple festival in Taylorsville.
*We had family photos made.
*We went to pick apples at an orchard in Morganton.
*Jonathan's dad came to visit and we went to a pumpkin patch in Maiden.
*We attended a Halloween party with some of Brenna's friends.
*We had a short play date with our old neighbors, the Collins family.
*I pulled off a great surprise birthday party for Jonathan in Christiansburg.
*Davin was dedicated at Pine Mountain Church.
*We went trick or treating in our neighborhood and the mall (terrible idea). We had the cutest Pebbles & Bam Bam ever!

*We had Christmas photos made.
*Brenna potty trained.
*We attended a fun Thanksgiving party with our playgroup friends.
*We spent a day in Charlotte where J and I ran The Color Run, Sissy and I took B to the Renaissance Festival, and we shopped at Ikea.
*We celebrated Thanksgiving at both of our parents' houses.
*We worked out a lease until purchase on our dream house in Newton.
*Davin began sitting on his own.

*We moved to Newton.
*We had 12 adult and 20 kid friends over for a Christmas lunch party play date.
*Davin had urology surgery in Charlotte. We went back to Ikea.
*Davin is SO close to crawling. He rolls and scoots and pulls up like crazy.
*Davin started having trouble with naps. Brenna started fighting bedtime.
*I reunited with my King girls in Wytheville.
*We spent two days with Jonathan's parents, two days with my mom, and a day with Jonathan's dad for Christmas.
*I told Jonathan I want to move to Uganda. I'm only slightly kidding.

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