Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Randoms

We're on the last leg of our annual Christmas tour.  We were at Jonathan's parents' from Saturday afternoon until very early Tuesday morning.  I spent Saturday afternoon with my King College friends at a restaurant in Wytheville.  We came straight to my mom's for Christmas morning celebration.  We're leaving here in the morning to head to Jonathan's dad's house for the day and then home to NC!  It's been great to be with so much family, but it'll also be great to be home again.  The kiddos have gotten lots and lots and lots of love (and gifts!) with family this week.
 B slept in a big girl bed for the first time at Jonathan's parents' house.  First night was rough.  Second night was good.  Third night was perfect.  She also napped in a full size bed at my mom's and got into bed with Jonathan at night after sleeping in the pack n play for awhile.  My girl is growing up!
Christmas church dress
 pretty girl
 Baby's First Christmas
 opening gifts at Neena and Pa Bill's house
 Davin fell asleep on MawMaw on Christmas Eve
 opening his stocking from Nanie
 Nanie got Brenna a Sit n Spin.  Big hit!
 Brady got a riding turtle - and a Noles hat!
 silly cousins
 my precious nephew
 pretty girl on Christmas morning
 all dressed up for Christmas dinner
 my sweet boy
 having fun washing dishes with Sissy
sweet cousin Jayla opening a gift 

Soon I want to chronicle some of the homemade (mostly Pinterest inspired) gifts that we gave this year.  They include two Lego tables, a recipe frame, a dress up clothes dresser, a canvas, a hairbow holder, ice cream bowls, an old photo canvas, hand scrub, photo tiles, and a cool thing for Sheri that she hasn't opened yet and someone on Etsy made - but I wish I'd made it.  Does that count?  I'll be computer-less again starting tomorow, so you may just have to wait in suspense for a little while!!

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