Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top Ten

Two posts in one day? That's what happens when I don't work for two weeks due to snow!

1. Feeling her move. It's rough when I'm trying to sleep, but I love knowing she's in there.
2. The anticipation of what it will be like when she gets here!
3. Being pregnant with friends - such a fun thing to talk about. Kelley is ending our pregnant-togetherness tomorrow though - Rhys and Owen are coming!!
4. The compliments - I'd be lying if I didn't say this. People tell me I look great even when I don't. Can't help but love that!
5. Napping without guilt.
6. Clean cloth diapers - they look so cute and fluffy sitting there all clean and poop-free!
7. Reading books about pregnancy - I think it's so fun to get prepared and yet still have no clue what's getting ready to happen!
8. Wearing comfy clothes around town and not feeling like a slacker!
9. The kids at school who whisper in the hall...."Is she pregnant?" Um, where have you been for the past 20 weeks?
10. Sprout. She won't be Sprout for much longer!

1. Heartburn.
2. The random limb that she pokes in my left side every night. I'm gonna like that limb a lot more on the outside!
3. Maternity clothes. I cannot wait to wear pants that zip.
4. Having too much time on my hands and shopping online wayyyy too much! I'm seriously looking forward to working out again and having a figure again. Let's hope the motivation holds out!
5. Having to sleep on my side - oh I cannot wait to lay completely belly-down again!
6. People constantly asking "Why haven't you had her yet?" I appreciate their concern - but just a notice....I'm not due yet!
7. Hearing random opinions about how I should labor. My baby, my decisions, thank you very much!
8. Not knowing if she is vertex or breech. She's restless like her mama!
9. The occasional swelling of my fingers. It has only happened a few times, but I don't like it.
10. Visits to the doctors. They were fun at first, but they are pretty ridiculous by this point. And they hurt. A lot.

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  1. hahahahaha LOVE #7 on the "won't miss list" ;-)
    oh and she'll always be sprout! that was her first name for 7 or 8 months! ;-)


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