Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, it's been an eventful weekend for us! Friday we got snowed in, so I missed my appointment, but we weren't too worried about it. We got up and made some yummy breakfast on Saturday, did some baby stuff, had lunch, and then I laid down for a nap while Jonathan shoveled the snow. This is when things took a turn for the worse. I started having some severe belly trouble, and when I woke up from my nap around 4:30 or 5:00, I was miserable. I kept getting sick and spent way too much time in the bathroom - which I could tell was making me dehydrated. I couldn't, however, keep any fluids in me, so it just got worse. I started feeling contractions that were pretty intense and making me pretty nauseus, so I started timing them about 7:00 or so. Turns out they were coming 3-4 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute each.

I called the doctor on call, and he suggested I take some immodium and see if that helped, and if it didn't, to head on in to the hospital. The immodium helped clear up the bathroom issues, but the contractions were getting a little more intense. I was so scared to be the girl who went in only to be told she was crazy, but I couldn't really handle it anymore. So, off we went!

They checked me in to triage of L&D and got me all hooked up about 11:00 PM. Brenna had a good heartrate, my blood pressure was good, and the contractions were showing up on the monitor right when I was telling them I felt them. They decided I was severely dehydrated, so got me onto an IV - and I eventually took a bag and a half. About 2:00 AM, they put in some pain med and anti-nausea medicine in my IV and I was able to sleep off-and-on. At some point they determined I was about 1.5 - 2.0 cm. dilated but very posterior, which meant I wasn't in active labor. I was still 1.5 - 2.0 when we left at 4:00 AM - and the nurse thought she might have felt a head, which would be great!

They sent me home with 1 dose of 2 different medicines, and they are finally wearing off now. I did have a nice little conversation with the toilet today, which I'm sure means I'm officially as empty as possible. I'm keeping down Gatorade, and I might branch out to crackers in the morning. The contractions are still coming, but much more irregularly and not quite as painful. The nausea is back, and not fun, but we're hanging in there.

I'll call my doctor first thing in the morning and try to get them to see me and also do an ultrasound to check on her position - breech or not? I'm also hoping for a few more meds to get me through this for the next few days, but we'll see!


  1. don't worry about being "that mom" who goes to L&D and gets sent home. I know very few people who don't go through that. I did it with Nathan 3 days early (though my water broke, but apparently I just peed myself or something... oh yeah pregnancy is glamorous), and then with Anneliese I had to bed to be admitted because my labor wasn't technically "active" yet even though my ctrx were 2 min apart and HARD (they admitted me and she came 4 hours later).

    Anyway. don't worry about it. Those nurses aren't judging, and it's really really important to go if you think you need to, sounds like you made a good call in this situation!

    Hope it was her head!!!!

  2. That is no fun. I'm glad they were able to get your contractions and illness under control. I hope she's head down!! We could still have our babies on the same day.

  3. Sorry you had to go through all that. What's the update since then?


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