Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waiting Game

I headed back to the doctor yesterday to get all checked out (after begging for them to see me, getting nowhere, and then my hubby magically getting an appointment for me) and things are definitely getting back to normal. I'm definitely still having contractions, but nothing regular. And, the good news - she is definitely head down!! So that means I'm not as stressed about things as I was, and I know that when the contractions start getting more regular - whether it be this week or 3 weeks from now - that I'll be able to labor at home and not worry about a little breech baby! For now we're just trying to get recovered completely from the stomach bug (Jonathan has it now!) and whatever flu-like thing I had on Sunday. The only 2 things the doctor is concerned about now is this crazy feeling in my chest that makes it hard to breathe at times and the fact that I had some protein in my urine. For now we are chalking them both up to the sicknesses, but she just wants me to take it easy and let her know if the pain stays for more than another day. We go back on Friday for our 38 week appointment - where I've decided that I will NOT be checked for dilation again, because I'm just too posterior and it just hurts too, too bad. Hopefully all will go as planned for that! :) Wish I had some new pictures, but I have barely been off the couch in 5 days, so that's a no go! Maybe later this week! :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Saturday before we left for the hospital we packed up the car just in case we came home with a baby. It made us realize we are still not completely ready, so this weekend will be spent making sure everything is completely in place. We're getting there. We even have a car seat in our car now - scary stuff!

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  1. that crazy feeling in your chest? could be heartburn. I had it BAD with both my pregnancies, and it got way worse towards the end. Take some zantac, try to stay upright, and drink milk. Don't eat right before bed. If any/all of that helps, even a little, then it's probably heartburn. Hang in there, it's miserable and the only REAL fix is getting that baby out!


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