Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Due Date Update

My due date starts in 5 hours. I'm not in labor. Bummer! However, I had a great doctor's appointment today and little Brenna is hanging in there perfectly. Here's what we know for all of you inquiring minds...
*I am still 70-90% effaced.
*Brenna is at a -1 station, much improved from -3 on Friday.
*My cervix is still REALLY posterior - so he couldn't even see how dilated I was.
*All four of my doctors are booked for inductions next week. They are trying to fit us in.
*My induction will be March 8 unless they fit us in or labor happens on its own.
*I'm ready for her to be here!
*I'm going to finish out the week at work....and I'm definitely tired!

Let's see if this full moon thing really's supposed to be on Sunday! :)

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