Thursday, February 11, 2010


I totally forgot to tell you all (haha, I love pretending I have loyal readers) about our babymoon. Do you know about babymoons? I think it's a pretty new trend of taking a vaca before a baby comes, knowing that things are getting ready to change dramatically. It was something I had kidded Jonathan about for pretty much the entire pregnancy, since we love to take little weekend roadtrips and it sounded like a good excuse. However, with the holidays and such, it just didn't seem like we could find a weekend (or the money) to really swing something - plus we were worried about the weather. So, we figured maybe we'd do something on New Year's Eve.....or not.....but weren't too worried about it.
That brings us to December 30, 2009. Jonathan calls and asks, "I need to know right now, do you want to go to the Chick-fil-a Bowl?" I realize that he means the big game that is the VERY NEXT DAY! But, being the flexible pregnant wife I am, I was figured it'd be fun. Then he calls back and says that the tickets his friend had are gone. Bummer. Hopes were up then quickly down. That is until he calls back about 4 or so to tell me that they are actually still available (minus the parking pass this time, boo!) and we decided to just go for it. He thought the game was on the 1st - but I quickly filled him in that we had 24 hours to pack and get to Atlanta to the game.

We packed up that night, called Kristen to come dogsit, and headed to Atlanta early on Thursday morning. We made great time (thanks to Jonathan's brand new GPS I had gotten him for Christmas!) and actually got to relax a little at the hotel before heading to the Marta station to go to the game. We are, admittedly, hotel snobs, but we found a great deal at a Marriot that included shuttling us to the Marta station and breakfast on Friday - score!
The game was super fun! We sat beside a couple that lives only about 20 minutes from us and rooted on our Hokies in the middle of a huge sea of Vols fans. It was a funny game for me - because I always rooted for the Vols when I was younger! We really did have a blast, and really enjoyed some time together before our family increases in size! Oh, and our romantic ringing in of the new year? Standing outside the Marta station waiting for the van from our hotel to come get us. We did watch the time on my cell phone clock at least!

We went ahead and headed back on Friday to save money and enjoy the last of our holiday break at home. We planned to stop in SC to see the Caskeys, but they all caught the stomach bug that week and decided they should spare us! I was very much looking forward to seeing Kelley's "pregnant with twins" belly, but that just means we'll have to plan another trip to see them after all the babies are here! Maybe it won't take me 2 months to blog about that trip! :)

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