Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look at Me - I'm on a Blogging Roll!

We got out of school at 11:00 today due to ice, so I'm using my time to blog. Yeah, if you read my last post, you know that this really puts a kink in my "get it all taught before baby" plans. Oh well!

So, Merritt did some "pregnancy musings" before Finn arrived, and I thought that as just a lovely idea. So, I'm copying her! That seems to be a trend, huh? Anyway, here are some random thoughts about this pregnancy and journey...

1. This baby moves constantly! She is so active, and although I sometimes complain about the constant kicking, punching, and acrobatics, it is so reassuring that she is alive and healthy in there!

2. When people ask me if this is my first pregnancy, I say yes. It's really not I guess, and I never want to forget the miscarriage because it was a trying time, but one I learned a lot from. I think I love this baby even more because of that journey.

3. Brenna's nursery is coming along. My sweet hubby put up chair rail for the room and is almost done painting the walls pink and brown. I LOVE it more than I thought I would. The bummer is that she will share her nursery with our guest bed. But, we have no choice at this house, and we really want to have somewhere for guests to sleep. So go ahead and pick a good weekend to come visit and bunk with Brenna!

4. The child has more blankets than I've ever seen. I can't wait to wrap her up in them and make her cozy. So far she has 3 crotcheted blankets - one from my cousin, one from a lady from Jonathan's home church, and one from her Nana - Jonathan's mom. She also has the quilt from my aunt and a quilt my grandma is finishing. I love them all!!

5. We are going to use cloth diapers. No, I'm not crazy. I have a few real-life friends and more friends-of-friends who have given me lots of great advice and made it look so easy. Jonathan is not thrilled, but he's on board for it. So far I've gotten 5 one-sized diapers that should last her to potty-training and 3 diapers in size extra-small and small to use early on. We still need quite a few more, so we're getting them a little at a time. I'm actually excited to see how they work with her.

6. When I weighed myself yesterday it looked like I'd gained 4 pounds since last Monday and I freaked. I haven't eaten bad or any different, so I was worried that might signal a problem. Today I was down 2 of those pounds. I'm less worried now.

7. I am almost always starving, but I can't eat as much at a time. I think I've run out of room.

8. Speaking of which, my rings were tight this morning. This hasn't been a problem, and honestly it was probably one of my biggest fears. I don't want to walk around without my rings with a big belly. It's old-fashioned and most people would probably figure out why, but I just want my rings on my fingers. Thanks to the cold weather, they are fitting again and all is well. Five more weeks fingers - hang in there. I don't have too much swelling in general, which I love.

9. Stretch marks are horrible. Since I was about 60 pounds heavier in high school than I was when I got pregnant, they were already there. Pregnancy made them reappear. Jonathan thinks they disappear. What he doesn't realize is that his days of having a wife who can pull off a 2 piece bathing suit (pull it off, not look amazing in it, don't get me wrong) could be over. Tankinis are in now anyway, right?

10. My bellybutton is still in. Barely.

11. I cannot wait for Brenna to meet London.

12. I love birthday cake ice cream. It comes in 50% reduced fat, which makes it even better. When I got pregnant, it made me sick to even think about it. Today I bought some, ate some when I got home, and loved it again. Shew, I was worried.

13. Yesterday I was talking to my class about ancient Mali and how they needed salt to stay healthy and keep their meat from rotting. Somehow we got on the topic of needing salt in our body. So I was explaining how too much salt can make us retain water, and told them if they ate too much salt, they would have the same problem that I had on the scale that morning. One of them pointed at my belly and said "....and the baby!". Why yes, you're right, the salt had nothing to do with it!

14. Tums work fast. Fabulous.

15. I don't think the pregnancy emotional overload has hit me yet. Maybe that's because I was so emotional before anyway.

That's all I've got for now. I cannot wait to meet my Brenna - the little girl who is going to make me a mommy and Jonathan a daddy. I think I'm more excited about seeing him in that role than anything else!

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  1. Fun musings! She will be here before you know it. I can't believe it's so close!


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