Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Shower #1

Since we were going to be in Bristol for the Thanksgiving weekend anyway, my sister, my mom, and my cousin decided to throw us a baby shower with friends and family in that area. My family is huge (my grandpa had 12 brothers and sisters and most of them had several too...) and it is always so fun for me to get together and see my great-aunts and uncles, aunts and uncles, cousins, and new family members alike! There were lots of people there from my mom's family, some of my aunts and cousins from my dad's family, some friends of my mom's from work that I've known forever and their daughters, some family friends who seem like family, and some of my friends from the good old days of B.Dalton who I don't see nearly enough!!

My Great Aunt Phyllis, My Great Aunt Ann, My Aunt Pat, and my Grandma Abel

My cousin Kris, My Aunt Teresa, My Aunt Sherry, and My Cousin's Daughter Ally

My mom's good work friends Debbie and Shirley with their daughters, Angie and Heather
There is no way to list all of the wonderful things we (and Brenna!) were blessed with on that day. My sister made some awesome cupcakes and we had lots of other great food (including my favorite ham rolls - so yum!)

Brenna got more clothes than she'll know what to do with - Can you say 4 outfits a day? She got a bathtub and some good baby-smelling bath stuff, some books, some hairbows, some grooming stuff (seriously terrified about the nail-clipping), diapers and a genie (that we are going to use for the wipes even when we use our cloth diapers, which will have to be another post), stuff for her stroller and her diaper bag, lots of Target gift cards that we'll put to great use, and a pack-n-play! We also got some really fun handmade stuff from some family members. Jonathan's mom put a new back on his baby quilt and gave it to Brenna. My cousin knitted us a beautiful brown and pink round afghan. My aunt made us an awesome green, pink, and brown quilt. Actually that quilt inspired us to ask her to make all of the bedding - so soon Brenna will have curtains, sheets, a crib bumper, and a crib sheet to match it! It's gorgeous. And to top it all off, I found a lampshade and some wall hangings that match it almost perfectly on sale at Babies R Us online! I can't wait!!
So many gifts!!
Pink, Pink, Pink!!!
His baby quilt - awwww!
So many goodies!!
My aunt's gorgeous quilt!

The loot once we got unpacked at home!
Brenna Jane is a lucky, lucky girl to have so many people who already love her. And we're pretty lucky, too! I can't wait to show you what it looks like when all this stuff is where it belongs. Speaking of which, I should go check on Jonathan's paint job in the nursery! ;)

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