Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Shower #2

We had our 2nd baby shower on Sunday after church. It was super fun and April did a FABULOUS job making it fun for everybody! Our church family has really been put to the test over the past few months - three new babies! Our church is pretty new (5ish years?) and these were the first brand new babies to come! Everybody is super excited and have already fallen in love with Baby London and Baby Micah. And now they are getting their long-awaited baby GIRL in our sweet Brenna. I can only imagine how little I'll see her between everyone passing her around. I wonder if they'll still hold her if she is wearing cloth diapers. I guess we'll see!

Mommy is ready for some food!

Baby London got all dressed up for his girlfriend's shower

Diaper cake!!

We played a few games - and Jonathan even won the one where he had to diaper, dress, and swaddle a baby doll blindfolded. I was so proud!!

Then it was present time! Brenna got her first cloth diaper (which is definitely not her only one now because the ones I ordered are here - more later!), her long-awaited Bumbo seat, clothes, blankets, lotions and bath stuff, a talking toy!, pack-n-play sheets, spoons, hairbows, socks, teething stuff, sleepers, window coverings, a Boppy cover that I LOVE, lots of good bottles, towels, organizing stuff, and a Sesame Street shirt - SO CUTE!! We need a bigger house!!!

Thanks to all the TFC family - we love ya'll!!

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  1. What fun! I sure hope that Brenna likes pink!!


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