Monday, March 22, 2010

New Friends

So, most of you know about my good friend Kelley who I taught with during my crazy first year teaching in NC. If not, you can read all about her here. Anyhow, during the time that I had my miscarriage, she got me in touch with her friend Merritt because she had just gone through a similar experience. Merritt and I became email friends and she was a huge support for me during that crazy time - and also as we both got pregnant again. She had her baby boy Finn in November and I've racked her brain many times about pregnancy and new baby stuff. Here are some reasons that I'm glad I've gotten to know Merritt over the past year or so.
  1. She always gives honest advice, opinions, and information. She is always willing to answer questions, even when they are about weird, gross pregnancy things!
  2. She writes blogs about her (former) students. I do that, too. I bet she was a super fun teacher!
  3. When she says she'll pray for you, she really does!
  4. She has a cutie patootie son who she blogs about and they are super fun to read!
  5. She lives in D.C. and gives me good advice about places to see when we travel there. She also agreed to show us around if we ever make it there without sixty 7th graders in tow!
  6. She shares her BFF (Kelley) with me!
  7. She's a great mom and she has a lot of great wisdom already (after only 4 months - impressive!)

And recently I've also gotten to be email buddies with another college friend of Kelley's - Erin. We got to be cyber-friends through a discussion on her blog about cloth diapering. And then we realized we were cyber-soulmates! When I read her emails it reminds me so much of myself it's not even funny! Here are the reasons I'm super glad I commented on her blog that first time.

  1. She makes me laugh. Outloud. I often read her emails aloud to Jonathan because they are so hilarious - and true!
  2. She doesn't call me mama, even though we both are crazy about cloth diapers. By crazy I mean totally obsessed in a ridiculous way.
  3. She will say whatever's on her mind - we've talked about some really gross and personal things through email, and I've never laid eyes on this girl!
  4. Her hubby is an engineer (like Jonathan) and they love to travel (like us)! And, um, her name is Erin. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but still cool!
  5. Her babies were both late. That makes me not hate her like all the other moms who had early babies. Just kidding....kinda.
  6. She keeps my cloth diaper buying in check. Or at least she tries. Sometimes I don't listen - like those 4 minky blueberries she told me not to buy - oops!
  7. She likes lists. How could you not love that?

And that is my synopsis of my two new internet friends. Maybe they'll become real-life friends during my maternity leave while I have some travel time. Granted Merritt and I have met, but a visit to DC sounds super fun, don't you agree?


  1. I have to comment because Merritt and Erin are also my bloggity buddies through Kelley! Maybe that means you and I need to become friends too! And I second all the wonderful things you said about them! : )

    I've been reading your blog since Erin mentioned you on her blog awhile back. Congrats on your beautiful Brenna! And I am super impressed by how much you are up to doing just a short time after having a baby. You go girl!

  2. You are so sweet, Erin! The circumstances that made the two of us better friends were horrible, but it goes to show that God can bring good out of bad.

    Let me know when you want to head up to DC. I'd love to give a tour!

    Thanks for all the compliments.

  3. wow, I feel, like... famous. And look at EMU joining the little ever-expanding circle of new friends! :)

    can you please PLEASE tell Mark that I am funny? He doesn't get my sense of humor at all, apparently, because he's always insisting that I'm anti-hilarious (which is weird because he's laughing even when he says it). Maybe he'll believe YOU???

    I can't believe you bought those blueberries. Actually, wait, I take it back. Yes I can. :)

  4. Yay, thanks for the comment EMU. I read your blog sometimes too, thanks to Kelley tagging you some time ago! Your little DAU is just the cutest, happiest thing! I'm all about having more cyber-buddies thanks to Kelley!

    Merritt - Hopefully soon! Maybe I'll get to see you this weekend though!

    Erin - Tell Mark to read this blog. And the blueberries were sooooo worth it! Although, I have no clue if they work or not yet! ;)


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