Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Week of Firsts

Brenna is one week old today. I've wanted to blog a million times, but other things just seem more important right now. But one day I will want to go back and remember these early days, so I'm trying! Jonathan commented today that he has learned more this week than he did in 7 years of college. So true!!

Thursday, 3/4 - Brenna takes her first breath, We hold her for the first time, She meets most of her grandparents and great-grandparents and her aunt and uncle, She meets lots of other friends (and London!), She gets her first bath, She nurses for the first time

Friday, 3/5 - Brenna passes her first test (hearing), applies for her birth certificate, and meets lots more friends and family

Saturday, 3/6 - Brenna sees her home and nursery for the first time, meets her Grandpa, meets Maggie, and sleeps in her cradle

Sunday, 3/7 - Brenna goes on her first outing - to the pediatrician and Food Lion for a few groceries. She sleeps through the grocery store!

Monday, 3/8 - We have our first day together as a family of 3. So glad Daddy is home with us for awhile!

Tuesday, 3/9 - Brenna goes on her first trip to Target and CFA - and she doesn't seem to be a big fan! She does, however, like her first cloth diaper!

Wednesday, 3/10 - Brenna gets to play with London and starts eating really well. She also has her first nasal congestion and doesn't feel too good. Mommy solves that with the suctioner - even though it's sad!

Thursday, 3/11 - Happy one week birthday Sweet Baby Girl. I can't believe how much I love you more and more every day. Please be easy on Mommy's heart and grow up slowly!


  1. Post more pictures!!!

    I'm glad she's eating better. I wish I could meet her in person...

  2. I was adding them when you commented!! :)

  3. What an amazing week! Here's to many more firsts!


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