Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Run of the Mill

Not much is new here, but I still thought I'd update! I'm sick (again) with some serious chest congestion and coughing. Trying to Mucinex it out of me, so hopefully I'm on the upswing! We've been busy working on some real estate stuff this week, so time is of the essence! Hopefully I'll have good news on that front soon! (However, the dream house in Blacksburg sold, sad!)

6 1/2 days left of school. Geez, I'm gonna miss these kiddos. They are by far the best group I've ever had, and I just adore them! I'm super ready for some R&R, but I definitely will miss them. I'm probably in for it next year after having such a great group this year. Up and down, up and down. We've got a Mega Party, Awards Assembly, Field Day, and 3rd grade movie day left - so it's definitely almost over. Oh, summer!

This past weekend we enjoyed some fun fellowship with Jonathan's church family at Angie's wedding. Angie grew up with Jonathan and their families are very, very close. She had a gorgeous wedding by the river in Jefferson, NC....followed by a reception with delicious BBQ and other yummy food. My mother-in-law designed their cake (same flavor as ours - yummmmo) and I helped her finish it up when we got there Saturday. She does a great job! We then headed to Bristol to visit with my family for the day on Sunday, before heading back to our day off on Monday to look at houses and such. Below are some pictures of the wedding weekend:

This weekend we're headed to Grayson for Darin and Lyndsie's engagement party. VERY sadly, we won't be at their wedding, because it's the same day as my sister's. So, we can't wait to celebrate with them on Saturday - we miss them being here in VA with us! I'm also considering running a 3K in Salem before we leave on Saturday - we'll see how the chest congestion clears up. I figure it's a good lead-up to my 5K with Kelley in 2 weeks - EEK! I need to be running more!

I'll leave you with a great 3rd grade quote from today:
Anonymous 3rd grader with hand raised: What's a chicken sink?
3rd Grader: A chicken sink....pointing at a question on his screen.
Me: Honey, that says kitchen sink.
3rd Grader: Ohhhhh!
Do you get laughs like that at YOUR job? ;)

And just for you baby lovers, check out Baby Jacob, born 2 months ago to my teacher friend Kim. He's the first boy to be invited to our girls' night ever!


  1. Although I'm sorry you are sick, I'm glad to see someone gets sick just as often as I do! I have a friend who has been sick ONE day in the last 5 years of teaching! How is that possible?!?! Feel better!

  2. I would sure like to know. I had strep or an ear infection about every other week as a kid, and things haven't improved much. Those "always healthy" people don't realize how lucky they've got it! Speaking of which - hope you aren't feeling too sick! :)


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