Monday, June 15, 2009

Happily Ever After

Below is a letter my mom wrote to us inside our guest book at the wedding. We had put engagement pictures into a mypublisher book, and she filled up the last page. I love it. I'm writing it here so I never forget it...and so you can enjoy it, too! :)

Once Upon a Time there was a princess born. Her name was Erin and her parents were in awe of her. She had an independent nature, was head strong, but was very loving and very beautiful.

She led a fairy tale childhood. Her parents gave her everything she needed: food, clothing, shelter, and the opportunity to learn about and accept Jesus as her savior. They made sure she had the extras also: walks in the woods, romps in leaves, building snowmen, dancing, and "BEAR".

As Princess Erin grew up, she continued to amaze everyone with her ability to excel in everything she did: making friends, dancing, Bible Drill, school grades. She understood how rich a princess she was: she had parents who adored her, who pointed her in the right direction and covered her back while giving her the opportunity to make her own decisions. He riches also included a sister who looked up to her (mostly) and would be there for her always, and being raised in church.

Princess Erin grew up continuing to lead a storybook life - including friends, education, travel and career. Then one day she met (under dubious circumstances to be sure) her Prince.

Prince Jonathan was the perfect match: in intelligence, commitment to God, and he had also grown up appreciating the finer things in life - God, walks in the woods, music, and a younger sibling to boss around.

Princess Erin's family welcomed their new son, Prince Jonathan, and watched with love as they married and every last one wished that they would....LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Erin, I still love you with all my heart and am still in awe of you. You make me proud.
Jonathan, You are easy to love. Welcome to my family
Both, Be happy and let God lead.



  1. Erin, I found your blog through your posting on Amy's and I must say this letter from your mother is so beautiful. She is right in every thing she said. You are a princess. I know your mother is proud and I also know your father is also and so is all of your family. We love you and are so happy for you.

    Your Aunt Sherry

  2. BTW, I have to add that I do remember "Bear" LOL. I laughed when I read her mention that and it brought back many wonderful memories of you coming to your granny's with Bear. The good ole days. I miss them. I hope to get together sometime soon. When you are going to be in town let me know and maybe you, Mal and I can go to lunch or something. I'd love that.



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