Monday, June 29, 2009

Mal's Shower

Did I tell you my sister is getting married?? Well, she is - August 8. This Saturday we threw her a fun family/friends bridal shower in Abingdon. It went over very well and she got LOTS of great stuff. I had fun catching up with my family on both sides and friends of my mom from work. We played a few fun games (my mom's major in college was recreation - that is so her element!) and ate some good food (have you ever had crap rangoon? YUM!) and watched her open lots and lots of gifts. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a special day for her!

We also got to spend time with 2 of the cutest kids on earth - one was Keeley, my sister's soon-to-be neice who is just a doll. She kept asking for Mary, and we couldn't figure out who Mary was. When my grandma (Virginia, by the way) got there, she said "That's Mary!" It was so funny! The other sweet baby girl was baby Jayla, my cousin's new baby and my aunt Donna's precious grandbaby! She was only 4lb, 6oz at birth, but she's growing and is now about 7 pounds at 6 weeks. I fell in love VERY quickly!
And here is my Great Aunt Sue playing with sweet Keeley! I love this picture!!

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