Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating my Students

Ok, one last SOL post and then you won't hear mention of them for a good 8 or 9 months. We got the rest of our scores back this week and I'm so proud of them. In case you care, here ya go!

S.S. - All 19 of my kids who took it passed (17 pass advanced, 9 perfect) and my 1 VGLA passed advanced, too!
Math - All 19 of my kids passed (16 pass advanced, 3 perfect)....All 19 of Sheri's that I taught passed, too! (11 pass advanced, 3 perfect) And my 1 VGLA passed advanced!
Reading - 17 of the 19 that I taught passed (8 pass advanced, 5 perfect) - and of the other two, one was by ONE QUESTION! SO CLOSE!
Science - All 19 of my kids who took it online passed (12 pass advanced, 4 perfect) - Sheri teaches them!

I'm going to miss those kids - they started out really weak in some areas and came SO, SO far!! They are going to kick some booty in 4th grade!!

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