Monday, June 8, 2009

God smiled on us...

I have a lot to post about from this weekend....but for now I want to tell you a great story of blessing. Long story short - we found a great house and put a contract on it last week. We've been talking to the bank for pre-approval, counter-offering like crazy, and discussing timelines and timetables galore! As of today, both sides have agreed to the contract and it's ours as long as we sell our house and they don't get a better offer while they're waiting for our townhouse to sell. So, our bank lady (yep, aren't we cool?) told us we needed 2 months of mortgage payments in the bank at closing (in addition to the 11,000 we have to bring to closing and the 1,000 good faith deposit we paid already). Speaking of good faith. We've been trying to set aside money to boost our savings up to this amount. We knew we needed about $1,000 more in the bank before closing (whenever we sell our house and close on our new one). So, today I get an email from Jonathan. He logged in to his bank account and saw a direct deposit from his work for an unusual amount. He then logged in to check his pay stub. On it, it said "Incentive....$1,000". Yep, he got a random $1,000 bonus. Didn't even know he was getting it. His boss had nominated him for it and not even told him. Thanks boss, but we know that money wasn't really your doing. God is beyond faithful and he has a sense of humor, too! Isn't that cool?


  1. that's awesome... i'm so happy for you.

  2. Thanks girls! I can't wait to sell our house and show you lots of pictures of our new digs! :)


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