Saturday, September 8, 2012

Christmas Traditions

So, I realllly want to start some Christmas traditions as a family this year.  Growing up we didn't have many traditions, aside from going to my Granny's on Christmas Eve and to my Aunt/Uncle's on Christmas Day.  We always opened stockings first and Santa didn't wrap his gifts.  But no do-or-die traditions per say.  So, I've been reading a million lists (thanks Pinterest) and have put together a lofty goal.  Does your family have any fun Christmas traditions that you think we should adopt?
1.  Wrap 25 Christmas books (or other fun picture books, Bible stories, etc.) and unwrap one to read each night.
2.  Every Thanksgiving afternoon, make a new Christmas ornament for the tree.
3.  Go out to dinner (same place every year) and then drive around to look at lights.
4.  Cut down our own Christmas tree.
5.  Make Jesus a birthday cake.
6.  Christmas Eve present - a Christmas movie or CD, new pajamas, hot cocoa mix
7.  Read the Christmas story from Luke before opening family presents.
8.  Buy a new game for the whole family each year.  Have game time that afternoon.
9.  Give kids a candlelight bubble bath.
10.  Adopt an angel from the angel tree.


  1. We had a 'Christmas Pickle' that my parents would hide on the tree. The first one to find it got a special gift. My mom always picked out gifts that were from Mrs. Claus for my sister & me. Things like a cross stich set or a scarf that Mrs. Claus had made. We loved it while we were still young enough! We always did the same Christmas breakfast every year, too. Breakfast casserole, oatmeal muffins and fruit salad. My mom loved fun Christmas traditions(if you can't tell) and I love remembering them!! -Mary Hagee

  2. We do #5 and that's out dessert on Christmas Day. We do new pj's for the kids on Christmas Eve and read the Christmas story. We decorate for Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I love the ideas of #3 and #8!

  3. Last year was one of the first years I really remember doing traditions in our house. Probably because Finn was finally able to really participate.

    We gave new pjs for Christmas Eve (something I grew up with).
    We made Happy Birthday cupcakes and ate one Christmas morning after reading the Christmas story and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
    We went out to dinner with B's parents on Christmas Eve to the same place we always go when we are here for that night.

    I like the book idea. I've seen that on Pinterest. I don't have 25 but I get each boy (at least) one new holiday book for each one coming up (Halloween, Valentines, Easter, etc), so by this Christmas, I should have at least 10.

    Fun to think about all these traditions.


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