Wednesday, September 5, 2012

33 Before 33.

So my 30 Before 30 List fell way short due to moving, pregnancy, and all-around rough times.  I'm giving it another goal, and since I had some loft ones, I decided to give myself 2.5 years to complete this list!  Some I will complete sooner and others will have to wait a little while.  Enjoy my list....and go make your own!

1.  Run a 10K.  Run a half marathon.
2.  Take our little family to Dollywood for the first time.
3.  Weigh less than when I got pregnant with Brenna.  Fit back into my wedding dress.
4.  Take a fun anniversary trip (out of the country?).
5.  Plant a garden.
6.  Take a backpacking trip.
7.  Pay for the person behind me's food at a drive-thru.
8.  Learn how to can some kind of food.
9.  Take a ceramics or jewelry class.  Learn to use my camera better.
10.  Make a set of Christmas dishes and placemats.
11.  Learn to make cheesecake.
12.  Go at least a full week with no TV on.
13.  Blog once a week or more.
14.  Potty train Brenna.
15.  Ride a bike 14 miles or more.
16.  Pray for one stranger every day.  Journal these.
17.  Start and keep up with a journal with fun stories from my life for my kids to read one day.
18.  Read the entire Bible.
19.  Write Brenna a letter to open on her wedding day.
20.  Nurse Davin until he's at least a year old.
21.  Keep up with Davin's monthly letters and baby book.
22.  Be a part of a flashmob.
23.  Send out one handwritten letter each week.
24.  Take a weekend trip with just my sister.  Take another one with just a friend (or a few friends).
25.  Throw a big first get-together at our new house.
26.  Go to a wine tasting.
27.  Write a letter to 3 past teachers.
28.  Read 200 books for myself.  Read more than that to my kids.
29.  Refinish at least 3 pieces of furniture for the new house.
30.  Visit 5 new states.
31.  Find a mentor.  Be a mentor.
32.  Complete 100 new Pinterest projects.  Try 100 new recipes.
33.  Surprise someone.

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  1. That's a pretty amazing list. I'm scared to make a list for myself. :)


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