Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Months Old

Dear Brenna,

Since I wrote your 20 month post a couple weeks late, not a lot has changed this your last letter. But I really want to tell you some things about your sweet personality and how we spend our days together now.

You are a jabberbox! You repeat nearly everything we say all the time. I'm constantly amazed at the things you say and what you remember. You love to pretend to read your stories. Yesterday I was wrapping some gifts and told you to go read your story to Maggie. You went over to her, sat down on top of her back, and started "reading" your Jolly Barnyard book - "Farmer Brown, horse, cow, all done"! HA! You know the names of some of your favorite books - Yes Day, ABC Book by Dr. Seuss, and call some of your other favorites "George" (Curious George), "Pooh" (lots of Winnie the Pooh books), "Fip Fop" (The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss), and "Elmo Mommy" (a Valentine's Day book with Elmo). Sometimes you want me to read to you and other times you want to read. I hope you continue to love reading!

You will say "Brenna Halsey" when we ask you what your name is. You sometimes call your reflection in a mirror "Bren" or Brenee" because those are two nicknames that I use for you a lot. You still call Maggie "Magnie" which I love!! You love to list members of your family and look at pictures of them, too. You especially like to see pictures of Brady - and give them kisses! You're a sweet cousin.

You are quite the little comedian and like to tell us when think you're funny by saying, "Brenna funny". Unfortunately sometimes you still say this when you are being naughty - such as kicking us while we change your diaper. We're working on that daily. You love to put on hats (which is so weird, because you used to HATE them) and prance around the house with them over your eyes. You chase Maggie around while wearing these hats, which is pretty funny. I definitely need to get that on video soon.

You are still obsessed with music. You love to hear "songing" and usually demand "more songing" when a song goes off. You try to sing your ABCs and you can carry the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" really well. I hope you got your daddy's musical talent. Speaking of talent, I hope you got his artistic talent, too. You really love to color and are doing so great with naming your colors. Right now we spend a lot of time each day coloring in your Sesame Street coloring book. "You also sneak crayons away sometimes and have colored in many of your books. I can't figure out how Nanie and Nana have so many undamaged books from when your Daddy and I were young when you've already ruined so many! Oh well, I suppose!

Yesterday you brought your blanket over to the couch where I was and said, "Cuddle." It melted my heart. We laid on the couch together and read a few books. Times like that remind me how lucky I am that I'm the one that gets to cuddle with you every day. I'm trying to remember to be thankful for this time, even when it's not the easiest thing in the world. I know I will miss these times more than I can even imagine. I look forward to time with you this month as we decorate for Christmas, since you love "Chismus tees" so much. We also have some shopping to finish up, so I'm thankful that you are pretty cooperative when we're out and about. You narrate everything we see in the stores - sometimes really loudly. I catch people sneaking a peek at you all the time and commenting on how cute you are. I agree, 100%!

I'm thankful that you are a happy, healthy, intelligent, creative little girl. I'm amazed at how fast you are growing and learning. I look forward to Christmas this year because you know more about what is going on and will have so much fun! Daddy and I are so lucky to have you!

I love you, cutie Sprout!
Love, Mommy

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  1. It amazes me how much Brenna and Finn are alike. Finn has the same collection of Dr. Seuss favorites.


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