Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

*I blatently stole this idea from Merritt. It's SUCH a good idea and I'm already looking forward to writing this list! I didn't ask her for permission - I think it's better to just ask for forgiveness for copying! :)*

*We rang in the new year at a MARTA stop in Atlanta on our way back to our hotel after the CFA bowl.
*I finished up my sub plans for my materity leave which I was SURE would be happening in.
*We had our second baby shower at The Freedom Center - thrown by one of my BFFs April.
*We had our third baby shower at my mother-in-law's house with Jonathan's family.
*We took maternity pictures with our buddy Jeff Loope.
*We finished up Brenna's nursery and got more and more excited.
*I ate Tums by the handful. I also got kicked in the bladder more than I thought humanly possible.

*I became full-term. Brenna also decided to no longer be breech!
*I spent a LONG night in triage of labor/delivery with mild contractions and dehydration.
*I turned 28 - shew!!
*I only worked 6 or 7 days due to lots of snow and ice.
*My class threw me a baby shower. It was SO fun and special.
*My due date came AND went.

*I had to go to L&D to get Brenna's heartrate checked out. I wasn't in labor and was only about 1.5 cm. dilated.
*Less than 3 hours later I was admitted to L&D, dilated to 7 cm. Brenna was born about 7 hours later, after 2.5 hours of pushing and a fabulous epidural. Hooray modern medicine!
*We came home as a family of 3 and introduced Brenna to Maggie.
*We didn't get a lot of sleep, and had lots and lots of visitors.
*Brenna lost too much weight, but then got caught back up.
*Brenna had her first photo shoot with Jeff.
*Brenna met my students at school.
*Brenna and I had a girls-day-out to do the bridesmaid dress fitting thing with Sheri, Paige, April, Whitney, and Peighton.

*We celebrated Easter in Bristol and on Pine Mountain for Brenna's first travel adventure.
*Brenna turned 1 month old!!
*Brenna had her first babysitter while mom worked out - Kristen Spence.
*We took a roadtrip to Atlanta with stops in Greenville, SC to see Kelley, Kiran, and Sienna and meet Rhys and Owen and in Bristol to see my mom.
*We took Brenna to her first Hokies game - the spring football game with Darin and Lydsie.
*We took Brenna to a Salem Red Sox game with my school kiddos.
*We entered the cloth diaper world full-force.
*Brenna had more newborn pictures made with Mary Stafford.

*Brenna was dedicated at church on the same day as London.
*She got her first set of shots.
*I celebrated my first Mother's Day.
*I went back to work and left Brenna with Kristen for 3 weeks.
*My kids took their SOL tests and kicked booty!
*Jonathan and I had a date night to see Sister Hazel at Festival in the Park. Brenna celebrated by screaming with a belly ache for Donette, Randy, and Kristen.

*I threw a lingerie shower for my coworkers and BFFs Sheri and Lisa.
*School ended for the year. Brenna and I had LOTS of time together.
*Brenna rolled over.
*Jonathan had his first Father's Day.
*Jonathan DJed Kevin and Julianna's wedding. Brenna stole the show.
*I got 10 inches cut off my hair.
*Brenna got her first haircut, too.

*Brenna got more shots. :(
*We had family photos made with Mary.
*We celebrated the 4th of July in Bristol, in Austinsville, and at a cookout with church friends.
*We dressed up like cows with Lisa, Lea Beth, and Emilie to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.
*Jonathan was a groomsman for one of his best friends from childhood, Chuck.
*Sheri got married and I got to be a bridesmaid for her special day.
*I started selling Thirty-One.
*We took our first beach vacation with Brenna - along with the Bashams.
*Jonathan and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a date night to The Melting Pot at the beach.
*My student, Peyton, was in a bad car wreck, but recovered well.

*We visited Brandan in Richmond.
*Lisa and Kevin got married, and we celebrated with them near Richmond.
*We went to Jonathan's 10 year high school reunion.
*I went back to work and Brenna started staying with Kate, our neighbor.
*Brenna had her first food - avocado.

*Brenna turned half a year old!
*We spent Labor Day weekend in DC with my mom, sister, and cousin.
*I nursed in some really weird places in D.C. Sorry, but I had to include it!
*I dealt with serious sadness about going back to work.
*We took Brenna to the park to play and swing for the first time and had SO much fun!
*I made my first baby food. Brenna hated it.
*Brenna crawled!

*I FINALLY got my car painted.
*We had more family photos taken.
*We celebrated London's first birthday.
*We celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday with a surprise party.
*We celebrated Jonathan's 29th birthday with a surprise party at his grandma's.
*Brenna said "dada" a lot.
*My coworkers and I were super-cute as Care Bears on Halloween.
*Brenna was a giraffe (and a bee) for her first Halloween. We "trick-or-treated" around Pine Mountain and then my mom and sister came to visit.

*Brenna started finger foods.
*Brenna had a ruptured eardrum and took her first antibiotic.
*Brenna started walking while pushing her toy with good balance! She also started "cruising" around our furniture.
*We spent Thanksgiving with both of our families.
*We cheered on the Hokies on TV a lot!

*Brenna took a few steps.
*Jonathan and I enjoyed a Sister Hazel concert and the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Pops Concert.
*My mom was in the hospital for 8 days after having a borderline tumor removed from her ovary. We spent some time in Bristol.
*I served on jury duty.
*Brenna discovered a serious love of cheese!!
*We made Jesus a birthday cake in the church nursery.
*We celebrated Christmas with lots of our family.
*We said goodbye to 2010 by putting Brenna to bed, making a homemade fondue dinner and chocolate cake, and watching a movie and the ball drop.

It was a good, good year for the Halseys.

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  1. My brother always taught me, "It's better to ask forgiveness than permission" so I totally applaud your stealing this idea.

    Your year was insane. Truly.


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