Monday, January 10, 2011


So, last year I made a few resolutions while very pregnant with Brenna. Let's take a look at how those turned out...

1. Birth a baby and keep her safe, healthy, and happy. Check! We have the most perfect girl in the world!

2. Lose the pregnancy weight and the extra 10 I was carrying when I got pregnant. Not so much. Still have about 8 of the pregnancy pounds. We'll reinstate this one for 2011.

3. Run at least 2 5K races, maybe even the same one I did last year in Greenville. Kelley? Nope. Didn't even run one. Didn't run much at all after she was born. Here we go again.

4. Keep my motto that "babies are portable" and not let her limit our family, but instead to inclue her and provide lots of fun memories for all 3 of us! YES! We took many trips to see our parents and grandparents, in addition to a trip to Richmond, one to Atlanta and Greenville, a trip to DC, and our beach trip.

5. Hear my husband say, "You were right about cloth diapers. They really aren't that bad." Yep, he's a believer. In fact, I was ready to quit a week or 2 ago and he talked me out of it. Weird, but true.

6. Wear pre-pregnancy clothes to the many, many weddings we'll be attending (and in!) this summer. I wore pre-pregnancy clothes to a few showers and other pre-wedding things, but I think I wore new clothes to all of the actual weddings. They were bigger than my pre-pregnancy size for the most part, but hey, they did have waistbands!

7. Read through the daily Bible. Nope. Totally forgot about this one, honestly. I'm only ten days late, maybe I should get started.

8. Drink more water. Yes. And I peed more than I thought humanly possible.


  1. You did well this year! What's on the 2011 list?

  2. I would say the weight loss and just to survive! :)


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