Saturday, November 7, 2009


We are officially passed the 24 week pregnant mark. This is super exciting because it means Sprout could live outside of me if something unexpected happen. We are still awaiting an uneventful last 15.5 weeks, but knowing this does bring some sort of relief....and a little awe! I think it's finally clicked with me that a human is living inside me. It could be the constant kicks, punches, and bladder stomping that I feel, especially at night. Maybe it's the crib and cradle that have found homes in our house. But whatever it is, has finally brought a little realization to this mommy.
I'm so ready to meet this little acrobat and learn all about her personality. I wonder if she will be laid back like her daddy or wound-up like her mommy. I wonder if she will be a good singer like her daddy or tone-deaf like her mommy. I wonder what she'll look like, what her voice will sound like, what she'll be good at, what will make her laugh. I wonder what it's like to love somebody as much as I know I'll love her. I am doing a lot of wondering right now.....

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  1. It's a great milestone! Congratulations! You are almost to 3rd tri!


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