Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I've Learned in the Past 6 Weeks..

Okay, so my class this year is really sweet. They are really polite. I really enjoy my days with them. But, oh my gosh, they remember nothing from kindergarten, first, or second grade. I'm talking laugh out loud ridiculously sad answers. We do five Daily History questions each morning that they have to answer without multiple choice answers to pick from. I thought you might want to know some things that you may have forgotten since your days in the third grade...
*George Bush invented the water clock.
*The Nile River is in China.
*No wait, it's in Virginia.
*The James River, on the other hand, was the most famous river in Ancient China.
*Our current president is Abraham Obama. Yes, I'm serious.
*Who helped women get the right to vote? Why, it was "heven". Yep, heaven. I have no clue.
*Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony helped the slaves on the Underground Railroad.
*Abraham Lincoln was a woman.
*Nevermind, he was our first president.
*We live on the north coast of America.
*Rome and Pompey are states in America.
*Michigan is the country that is under our country.
*The first six words of the Pledge are "United States of America".
*The capital of Virginia is George Washington.

That's all I can remember for now, but I'll be sure to update later when I remember some others. My kids and I had a "come to Jesus" meeting yesterday about their ridiculous answers. And yes, I did tell them that when they didn't pay attention it made me want to cry, and crying was bad for the baby. So sue me. ;)

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