Thursday, July 25, 2013

13 Months Old

Dear Davin,

I'm a couple weeks late (again), but it's mostly because you and your sister keep me hopping!  You are growing up and really turning into a little boy.  You love to climb things (couch, toy box, stairs) and you love having attention most of the time.  You'll play on your own for small periods of time, but you much prefer Mommy/Daddy/Big Sis to be interacting with you all the time.

Some of your favorite things...
Books - The Monster at the End of this Book, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat (You go nuts for both of these books - We read them at least 5-10 times a day!)
Foods - cereal bars, ham, cheese, bread, pasta, green beans, freezee pops (ha!), yogurt, pudding
Toys - school bus, Brenna's skates (you use as cars), balls, whatever Brenna is playing with

You still love to eat and eat about as much as me at mealtime!  You know the signs for "more" and "all done" and use them frequently at meal times.  You drink milk throughout the day and still nurse in the mornings.  You also love to drink cold water in your sippy cup.

You are moving to one nap a day and sleeping in until 9:30-10 most mornings for the past week.  You nap from about 1:30-4ish most days.  You go to bed about 8:30 each night.  I rock you for your nap and you go down pretty quickly.  You have been giving Daddy a fit at night - and have been waking up for your paci a few times at night this week.  But we're thankful that your sleeping has greatly improved!  I can also officially announce that you have been in your crib since last Saturday and have done great!  My favorite part of every day is when I get you up in the morning and after your nap and you want to just lay your head on me and rock for awhile.  I'll never forget those moments!

We visited Virginia for Father's Day and you got to see your friends Jude and Leah.  We also went to our old church in Salem and you met a lot of people who knew Mommy & Daddy before you were ever even dreamed of!  You stayed with Neena and Pa Bill while we went to a wedding.  A few weeks later we went to Bristol for another wedding and you hung out with Nanie while we did wedding stuff all weekend.  We ended that trip by going to the aquarium in Gatlinburg - which you loved!  You just love to be in on the action lately.

You love being outside and sitting in your little Hokie chair.  You like to swing and try to climb up the slide.  You had a bad fall last week off one step on our porch and got a scratched up forehead and nose.  It's healing, but you get funny looks wherever we go.  You spend a lot of mornings in Child Watch at the Y while I workout and/or Brenna takes swimming lessons.  You pretty much just do your own thing in there - and rarely cry for me anymore.  You do cry at church sometimes, but you love the helper named Luke who is at church - and he loves you, too!

You weighed 20.1 pounds and were 29 inches.  Both are way down in the percentiles, but you are on the curve, so all is well!  You cut your first tooth that day, June 20.  You cut your second one 9 days later!  We are still waiting on the top 2 to come down.  Since you're small, you are still in your infant carrier, although we don't carry it much anymore.  You did ride in a "big boy" carseat while Leah and Sheri were here visiting last week - You seemed to like it!  You sure did like having Leah here to play with for a few days - it's fun to see you guys start to interact more!

You are a fun, smiley, adventurous little blessing and I just love, love, love the age you are out.  Daddy and I both think we'd love to freeze time with you right where you are!

I love you Spud!
Love, Mommy

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