Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Spud!

Dear Davin,

You are ONE!  This has been by far the fastest year of my life.  It still seems like you should be my little newborn tiny baby.  But, you are growing up so fast and you are so, so fun at this age!  I am not kidding when I say you change every single day.  You are becoming more feisty and independent, and you love to interact with us.  You are full of life, little guy.

My biggest news is that you can walk!!!  You have been getting better and better at standing for longer and taking a few steps.  When we got back from vacation you started doing longer strides - specifically on Monday, May 27, which is when I would say you actually took your first official steps (that weren't lunges toward me!).  Your main mode of transportation is still crawling, but I have a feeling that will change before your next "month day".  You are an excellent climber - you have mastered stairs, which makes me be much more on guard around here.  You can also climb onto the couch, onto Maggie, and in/on about anything you set your mind to!

You are still a champion eater.  Some of your favorite foods include yogurt, Ritz crackers, turkey and ham, shredded cheese, bread, any kind of fruit, green beans, and carrots.  You are doing better with a sippy cup.  You are still nursing 4 times a day but I have a feeling we'll be cutting that down soon.  You had your first real taste of cake at your birthday party and you devoured it!  It was so fun to watch.

Speaking of your party, it was a blast!  We had lots of family and friends here to celebrate you.  You got so, so much attention (and food!)  We did a Mr. Potato Head theme and it was lots of fun.   We also had a 10 day vacation to Myrtle Beach this month.  We spent half the time with the Bashams and half the time with Nanie, Mal, Josh, and Brady.  You got lots of love that week.  Tinley loved to talk to "the baby".  You weren't a huge fan of the sand at first, but by the second or third trip you were rubbing it all over you and trying to eat it.  You also loved the pool in your float.  You would just relax in it and reach over the side to splash a little.  It was perfect!  I liked how all the activity and sun tired you out.

You still have no teeth but your gums are quite swollen!  You slept like an angel at the beach for naps and at night, but you had a horrible week when we got home.  It happens like that every so often and then you figure things out again.  Naps (for the most part) are a little better on most days, though you have had to skip your morning nap a few times when we are out and about (or take a quick cat nap in the car!).  You aren't loving baths quite as much as you used to, but you still love splashing!  And you still love your pacis when you are upset or sleepy.

You aren't quite as clingy to me, which helps when I have to be away from you or get things done.  You are super inquisitive and you like to know how things work.  I think you'd ride on the vacuum cleaner if we'd let you.  You still wave all the time and give smooches and clap.  You still don't say a ton, but I think you're learning the signs for "more" and "all done" and say "hi" like a champ.  Everyone comments on how happy and wonderful you are.  I tell them you are either super happy or super grumpy - which is the truth!  Luckily your happy side is usually on display in public.  I enjoy being your mommy so much, and I'm trying not to think about how fast you are turning into a little boy.    I never knew how much I'd love having a son until you came along.

Happy Birthday Sweet Spud!
Love, Mommy

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