Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brenna's Seussical Celebration

I'm obsessed with party planning. I'm apparently not obsessed with wrapping up the first 2 years of Brenna's life since I keep refusing to write her 2 year letter/post. But, I'm not too nostalgic to spill all the details about her super fun 2nd birthday party.

We decided to celebrate her birthday in VA since our rental house is small and we know about 5 people total in this town (another story for another day). We knew my mother-in-law's house was probably too small, so we rented the fellowship hall of a church near her house. This was close for all of our family in Bristol and our friends in the NRV and Roanoke, so nobody had too much of a drive. It worked out perfectly and was a blast. I planned and planned and planned, and I was very pleased with the end result! Enjoy the (ridiculous amount of) pictures!
cool invite from Etsy
Brenna's topsy turvy cake made mostly by Daddy
Who says fondant isn't yummy?
money from Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw
Hokie chair from Nanie - a little skeptical at first, but now a huge fan!
opening presents
Cat in the Hat candy by my mom
green eggs pretzel candies
cheese tree
truffula trees
caramel turtle candies
one goldfish, two goldfish
noodles for poodles
green (deviled) eggs and ham rolls
cute idea from Pinterest
more family
sweet cousin Jayla
double third (and fourth?) cousins
the 3 pregos
T in her Christmas present (a tutu that I made!)
catching up on opening Christmas gifts with the Bashams
London and Brenna "helping"
present table
Happy Birthday to You! book that everyone signed
poem for my baby and some party favors
These will be used in the playroom once we move.
T showing off the Dr. Seuss chair we made for Brenna.
balloon wreath on the door to the fellowship hall

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