Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Before 30 = FAIL!

Ok, so I failed miserably at my 30 before 30 list. I guess that's what happens when your life seemingly does a 360 AND you get pregnant after writing the list. Here's the update...

#1 - Run a 5K and a 10K - DONE!
#2 - Work on learning Spanish - I never even attempted it. Do a few episodes of Dora count?
#3 - Write a wedding day letter to Brenna - I'm going to do that before her birthday, I promise.
#4 - Pay for a stranger's food - I always forget. I'll do it this week. I think about it when I'm sitting at home in my pjs a lot!
#5 - Camera in manual mode - Nope.
#6 - New kitchen backsplash - No new kitchen. This one isn't my fault.
#7 - Close on houses and move in - No closings. Again, not my fault.
#8 - Cook a Thanksgiving meal - During my first trimester of pregnancy? Yeah, right!
#9 - Read Bible - I started the one-year Bible and made it to about the March chapter. I'll pick it back up in March.
#10 - Flashmob - Never found one, but I did look.
#11 - Overnight camping trip - Again with the whole morning sickness thing...
#12 - Read 4 classics - Nope. But I have read 11 books since New Year's.
#13 - Finish the HP books - DONE!
#14 - Watch the HP movies - We're on #4 so far, so about halfway there.
#15 - Blog 2-3 times per week - I'm working on doing better.
#16 - Decorate for Christmas - Not exactly what I had in mind since we're in a rental. Bummer.
#17 - Plan a garden - No plans for moving yet.
#18 - Handwritten letters - Unfortunately no.
#19 - 4 Homemade Christmas gifts - I did make some, so we'll call that a win.
#20 - Iphone - Obviously it involves spending money I'm successful!
#21 - Guitar - Um, no.
#22 - Harley ride - I had a few planned with our friend Dave, but the weather was uncooperative.
#23 - Jump in leaves - YES!
#24 - Zoo - YES!
#25 - Weekend trips - No, but I did host two of my BFFs here in NC. So 50% win?
#26 - Wine tasting - Knocked up thank you.
#27 - Letters to teachers - No. I really need to do this.
#28 - Find a church, make a friend - I think we've settled on a church. No church friends yet, but I've met a few moms in a moms' group.
#29 - First get-together at new house - No new house. :(
#30 - Hokies - YAY! And they won!
#31 - Celebrate my 30th - WOOHOO! J and I hung out in Greenville last weekend while my in-laws watched Brenna. It was a short but much-needed trip. I guess it became a babymoon, too!


  1. Did you do some things that you wouldn't have made time to do before 30 because of this list?

  2. I think it's a great list. And though it was an ambitious list, I think it's a good one to keep around and complete in the coming years. I should do one myself.


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