Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Survey

I did this exact same survey at the exact same time when I was pregnant with Brenna. So here goes!

How far along? 17 wks, 4 days
Weight gain? about 1 or 2 pounds
Belly button in? Yes
Maternity clothes? a couple of shirts but no pants yet
Cravings or aversions? I'm mostly over my weird food issues for now. I still want a lot of salty and sour stuff, but also want cucumbers and tomatoes. Oh, and shrimp sauce.
Signs or symptoms? headaches, restless legs, and exhaustion
Feeling baby move? Yep, mostly at night every day since Saturday.
Milestones? feeling baby move, belly has officially "popped out"
Upcoming appointments? Next Monday, January 9 - the big one!
Name? Nowhere close. We've hardly even talked about it.

I'll be putting up a gender poll over the next few days!! Will Brenna get a baby brother or sister?

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