Saturday, October 8, 2011

30Before30 - #30 -- HOKIE GAME!

Jonathan and I got to go see the Hokies play today. We were supposed to be in Bristol, but it turned out that we didn't have to go, so we got some tickets from friends of friends. Lisa and Kevin were SO SWEET and came to watch Brenna for us. We then lucked out and got a parking pass from Jonathan's old boss. So, we headed over and go to tailgate with Darin and Lyndsie and their family for awhile. It's fun to tailgate with them, but it's also funny because it's a mainly Giles County tailgate, so I always see some people that I know. Sometimes this is fun, sometimes not so much. Today I got to see my sweet friend Patti, who is my good friend Sheri's cousin. She is a physical therapist at Macy, and I miss seeing her!

We spent the first 3 quarters in the West stands - which was nice because it wasn't in the sun and we had a great view. The Hokies were ahead all the time.

We went over to sit with Darin and Lyndsie for the 4th quarter, and things got a little bleaker. We lost the lead - but luckily they scored a touchdown to retake the lead. Miami couldn't score again, so we won with a score of 38 to 35. GOOOO Hokies!

This may be our last Hokie game for awhile, and we enjoyed the time together and the beautiful weather!

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