Tuesday, October 4, 2011

19 Months Old

Dear Brenna,

Another month has come and gone! These will be the last monthly pictures that we take at our current house. It's a little sad to be saying goodbye to the house where we started our family, but it's exciting, too! We'll be moving in 2 weeks, so this next month will probably be a crazy one!

You are growing like a weed! I can't believe how tall you are. At your doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago you were 33 inches tall and weighed 23 pouncs, 12 ounces. You still wear mostly 12-18 month clothes, but you have to wear 18 month pants for the length. I'll be glad when you fit in the adjustable waist pants!

You have been eating pretty well. You got your third and fourth molars (on the top this time), so I guess you can chew better than before! Some of your favorite foods are berries, applesauce, yogurt, "deeyas" (quesadilla), "memeal" (oatmeal), eggs, cheese, cookies, crackers, pickles, "madoes" (tomatoes), cucumbers, bananas, and pasta.

I really want to tell you about some of the super cute things you've been doing. This month, we've really enjoyed it when you've.....
...eaten all of your oatmeal except the last bite and then said, "Mommy do" so you can get the very last bite!
...insisted on giving hugs and kisses and fist bumps to everyone in the room. You always say, "Mommy kiss" or "Daddy fist bump" so nobody is left out!
...started climbing in our empty bathroom cabinets. You like to announce "bye bye" or "door" before you climb in and close the doors. This apparentely never gets old to you.
...carried your new Cabbage Patch doll around wrapped in blankets, towels, "Daddy's shirt", or whatever you can find. You sometimes call her "baby" and sometimes by her name, Ashley. You like to try to give her a paci or a drink of your milk, too.
...looked at picture books that we have and told us who everyone is. Just 2 days ago you started recognized Tinley - You call her "Tin eeeee". You also call most boys you see on TV or out in public London or Liam.
...learned that part of our routine before naptime or bedtime is to turn on your air purifier. You'll go hit the button and then say, "Night, night". You also go over to it and turn it off and say, "Off!" when I get you out of your crib.
...started calling Papa Bill "Pa Bill". You did this on your own, and it's so cute. He loves it, too, of course!
...stood in an empty clothes basket and signed "more". Daddy put you in a basket one day and pulled you around. Now you want to do it ALL.THE.TIME!
...started talking in more sentences. A good example is the other day during breakfast you heard a boy talking on the TV. You said, "Boy! Go see him?" to me. It's amazing how verbal you are!
...said "Amen" whenever someone was talking about Jesus.
...tried counting. You have gotten to 7 before, but you seem to want to just repeat "three four" over and over again. You are also obsessed with the ABCs. You want to watch YouTube videos of the Sesame Street characters saying the ABCs anytime the computer is close by.
...told us that you loved us. "Love shu Mommy" are the most precious words I've ever heard, I promise. You also have gotten really good at putting people's words with sentences. For example, you say, "Thank shu Mommy" many times a day. You also can identify "Daddy's tar" (car) and you say "London's" everytime you see a sippy cup like his!
...you love to hear songs. You used to always say, "Singing" when you heard someone singing. Now you say, "Songing" instead. CUTE!

There is no denying that you are a full-fledged toddler. You spend most all your time being happy and exploring the world around you. I know you're going to love our new house and all the room you'll have both inside and outside to explore! I love you more than anything!

Love you, Sprout!
Love, Mommy


  1. She sounds like so much fun! And is cute as can be.

  2. She IS so much fun. I just love her to pieces!


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