Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Before 30

I'm turning 30 in less than 5 months. It makes me hyperventilate just a little. Anyway, I decided to make one of the *30 Before 30* lists. Here's hoping I can accomplish most of these, if not all! You should make a list too! You could even do some of my fun things WITH me if you want!

1. Run at least one 5K race. Run a 10K (even if not an "official" one.)
2. Work on learning Spanish.
3. Write a letter to Brenna to give to her on her wedding day.
4. Pay for someone's food in the car behind me at a drive-through.
5. Learn how to use my camera in manual mode.
6. Put up a backsplash in our new kitchen.
7. Close on both of our houses and move in.
8. Cook a Thanksgiving meal by myself.
9. Read the entire Bible.
10. Be part of a flashmob.
11. Go on an overnight backpacking trip with Jonathan.
12. Read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, and Pride & Prejudice.
13. Finish the Harry Potter series.
14. Watch all 7 (or 8?) Harry Potter movies.
15. Blog 2-3 times per week.
16. Decorate my house for Christmas. I mean REALLY decorate it!
17. Plan out my garden to be ready to plant in the spring.
18. Write 2 encouraging handwritten letters a week.
19. Make at least 4 homemade Christmas gifts that I'm proud of.
20. Get an Iphone.
21. Learn to play one song on the guitar.
22. Ride a Harley.
23. Jump in leaves with Brenna.
24. Take Brenna to a zoo.
25. Go on a weekend trip with just my sister. Go on another one with a good friend. Who's game?
26. Go to a wine tasting.
27. Send a letter to at least 3 prior teachers and tell them how awesome they were.
28. Find a new church. Make at least one really good friend there.
29. Throw an awesome first get-together at our new house.
30. Watch the Hokies play (preferably the ACC Championship or Bowl Game).

and for the Grand Finale....
31. Celebrate my 30th with my hubby somewhere fun!


  1. First you know I'm game for the weekend trip! :) Second if you only have 5 months to read the Bible plus all those other books you better start reading NOW and keep a book in your hand at all times b/c those are not short books! Third, I would love to do the flashmob thing!! :) Lastly, you realize that the next 5 months are the coldest of the year...not a real good time to be backpacking overnight...but have fun with that! :-) Maybe I should do a 32 things before I turn 32 geesh I'm getting old!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That list is fun! 30 isn't so bad, you know. :)


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