Thursday, September 8, 2011

18 Months Old!

Dear Brenna,

You are 1 1/2 years old!! You sure did celebrate this milestone with lots and lots of development over the past month. People always comment on how much you are growing and changing, and even I've seen it this month, although we spend all our days together. You look so much bigger to me, and your hair is growing and getting longer in the back. I'll be happy when you have enough for a ponytail and we can do away with the semi-mullet look. I've heard several people say your hair and eyes remind them of me, so maybe you'll look a bit like me after all.

You still wear your 12-18 month clothes and size medium cloth diapers (size 3 regular diapers). I haven't scheduled your 18 month appointment, because we were supposed to be moved by now. I'm going to do that today! My guess is that you are about 24 pounds, but we'll see! I forgot to tell you last month, but you used the potty one time when we first got it about a month ago. It surprised me, and you haven't done it again. I think maybe we'll start some potty-training as soon as we move.

Speaking of moving - WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! FINALLY! We are finalizing all the details, and should be closing on this house and our new house in NC in mid-October. Daddy and I are so relieved and excited to get to all be together again in our new house. I think you'll like having the extra room - and especially the big backyard!

You would think that would be the biggest news of the month, but it's not! You are a cousin!!!!! Aunt Mal had your sweet cousin, Brady Lee, on August 22. He wasn't due until September 24, but he came early because he was a little bit sick in Mal's belly. Unfortunately he came on our second day at the beach, so we didn't get to see him until he was 7 days old. It was hard to wait, but he was worth it. He's sooo little and cute. You love to give him lots of kisses, but you do NOT like your mommy holding him. Uh oh - jealousy already! I hope you two will grow to be great buddies! I'm having so much fun being an aunt to him.

I mentioned the beach. We took our annual trip to Murrells Inlet, SC with the Bashams. You and London had fun at the beach playing in the sand, and at the pool in your floats. We had lots of outings for dinner and shopping, and you were a really good girl. We took you to a children's museum that you enjoyed, too. We borrowed a DVD player for the car, and that helped SO much during the ride down and back. I'm glad you are such a good little traveler. We did have to come back from the beach one day early because of Hurricane Irene. It was a bummer, but we wanted to make sure we were all safe.

You talk all the time and know more words than I can count. You are making 2-3 word sentences on a regular basis, and are starting to phrase things as questions sometimes, too. You love to point out cars (tars, especially Mommy's tar), choochoos, animals, bees (anything that flies!), boys (already??), babies, shoes, and flowers. You love books that have "peekaboo flaps", and you love Mickey Mouse and Elmo. You like to give high fives and fist bumps. You can count to four, although lately you've started getting them out of order. You love to say "ABCs" and hear the ABC song. You've been pretty cuddly for the past few days, and you'll just curl up beside me on the couch and lay your head on me. I adore it! You also got your first 2 molars on the bottom, and I think they hurt you a little bit. You're pretty tough though, and I'm thankful they don't hurt you too much.

You love to eat, but are sometimes pickier than others. You like to eat off our plates at restaurants, and you love tomatoes! You had your first popsicle with Nanie this weekend, which you though was just something special. You love to run around and show off for your grandparents! They miss you something terrible when we leave!

Here's to 6 more fun months until your next birthday. You're growing like crazy, and I'm thankful I am with you to experience it all by your side.

I love you, Sprout!

Love, Mommy

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