Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pinterest = LOVE!

Thanks to Kelley, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. If you don't know about it, you're missing out. It's a little confusing at first, but it's awesome! It's pretty much a bookmarking site where you can share ideas about anything under the sun. You can pin images or websites to look at later and share with your followers. You just need to go try it! My main motivation was to actually DO some of the ideas that I found, so I did just that this weekend! Below are some of the yummy creations that I created thanks to Pinterest this weekend! If you follow me (or want to!), all of these are on my boards!

Friday dinner - Lasagna Cupcakes (will make again!)

Friday dinner - Parmesan knots (will DEFINITELY make again!)

Friday dessert - Oreo mini cheesecakes (will make again with a different cheesecake recipe on top)

cute Oreo imprint

Saturday breakfast - 4th of July toast (should probably do something more yummy next year!)

Saturday lunch - pesto/ham/mozzerella/tomato on focaccia bread (SO DELICIOUS - thanks Merritt!)

Saturday dinner - baked zucchini chips (awesome when warm)

Saturday dessert - Strawberry lemonade bars (not a fan - Jonathan liked them)

....and this isn't a Pinterest find, but it was my craft project yesterday. They are for my new nephew. Want me to make you some?

*I also made a few other craft projects off Pinterest for Brady's shower - pictures to come later!
*We hit up our local antique store today and got a few more supplies for some projects.
*I bought a few more household items for some other projects to work on this week, too.
*Where did the non-crafty Erin go???


  1. Yes- you are obsessed!!! I wish you lived closer so I could eat some of that. Looks delicious.

  2. Dude. Who knew that being a SAHM would bring out such creativity in you?! Fun!


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