Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stay at Home Mama Musings

We're a month into this whole stay-at-home mom experiment, and I have lots and lots of thoughts about it. I'll preface this by saying that it doesn't seem "real" yet, since I'm always off during the summer. There is also a chance it might not last as long as we'd hoped, since our house still hasn't sold, and we just can't cover 2 mortgage payments on one salary. So, here's hoping that it'll be officially sold this month!

*Naptime is my biggest stressor. I know it shouldn't be, but it just IS. Take today, for example. I was ready to finally go to one nap a day. But, then she got tired this morning, wanted to go down, and went to sleep for a good hour and a half. So, of course she got tired again this afternoon. But, sleep? Nah. As of about 15 minutes ago she was singing some jibberish song. I should be able to enjoy that sound, and just not worry about whether she's actually asleep or not. But, I'm not there yet. I'm trying. Okay, and I just checked the monitor and it looks like she's asleep. Geez.

*We read a lot LOT of books. We keep about 20 or so downstairs at any given time. Today we read about 14 of those in one sitting. I started making a pile of the ones we'd read, and wouldn't reread them. Babygirl LOVES books. And this makes me one happy mommy!

*Our babysitter Kate found an awesome park at a church near our house. I take Brenna there a lot. I met a girl who I think could be my BFF. We have a few mutual friends (who knew?). Great timing to move 2.5 hours away!

*Our couch pillows and ottoman make a great tunnel.

*Brenna lovessss to be outside. Whether it be on the deck, on a walk, or at the park, she's happiest outside. Not so much happiest in a buggy anywhere. That makes running errands fun.

*If you lose your dog's collar or your husband's iphone case, let your 16 month old find them. She probably hid them both.

*Your baby will think EVERY man is Daddy while he's gone. No holds barred - fat or skinny, tall or short, black or white, ugly or hot, young or old, cartoon character or drawing - they will all be called DADDY. Loudly. And the creeper target register guy will ask you if you'll make him dinner since your kid called him Daddy. There is no point in getting embarassed.

*This is hard, ya'll. It's fun but it's hard. Especially with a husband who's in another state 3-4 days a week. I feel like I'm in stay at home mom bootcamp. At least once we officially move he'll be around at night most of the time to break the monotony.

*I wouldn't trade it for the world. Her giggles alone, which I hear a LOT make it worth it. Lucky me!

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