Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Favorite Things

Yesterday was a day filled with my favorite things - Jonathan and Brenna, the Basham family, my students, and baseball! My kiddos participated in a reading program for the Salem Red Sox, and yesterday their reward was to go see a game! Jonathan, Brenna, and I met them there, along with April, Jeremy, and London. The kids looked so cute!

Chillin' at the game!

Baseball face!
I got brave and let all my kiddos hold Brenna. They adore her!! She was very patient with them and hardly fussed at all. I miss them so much, but dread leaving Brenna on Monday morning to head back to work. Here's the pictures...I know that's what you came to see!

Mugsy holding Brenna and Daddy making sure he didn't steal or drop her!


Whispers in the Hallway