Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Months Old

Dear Davin, 

Well, sweet boy, you turned 2 months old ten days ago.  I've been composing this letter in my head for longer than that, but life got in the way of me actually getting it down.  First I got really sick and then we were on vacation for a week.  But, here it is now, for us both to remember your second sweet month of life.

You are a great baby.  Seriously, you are so calm and go-with-the-flow (unless you are hungry, gassy, or have a dirty diaper.)  It makes life with a toddler much easier since you don't seem to mind being stuck on her schedule!  You smile a lot and have started all out laughing lately and it melts my heart every time.  I have never seen a bigger smile than yours - it takes up your whole face!  You love it when I talk to you and giggle and gasp.  Your big sister and Daddy are really good at getting you to smile and laugh, too.

You are still growing like crazy!  My best guess is that you were about 12 pounds when you turned 2 months old.  Your newborn clothes officially don't fit and you're mostly in size 3 month (with a few 0-3 and 3-6 thrown in there).  You outgrew your NB cloth diapers and I'm hoping to start you on the smalls and one-size ones this week.  You wear size 1 in disposable diapers.  You nurse usually 6 times a day for about 17-20 minutes each time. You have a spell each night where you just want to lay on the couch and kick like crazy.  You're a strong little thing!   You do well at night - usually going down for good about 11:00 and sleeping until at least 4:00, and more often until 6:00ish.  You wake up with a little grunting most early mornings, but you usually just want your paci and go back to sleep.  When you get up to eat before 6, you usually go back to sleep for a few hours.  On the occasions that you've slept until 7:00 or 8:00 you are up for the morning.  Your naps are still a little unpredictable, but you almost always sleep for part of your sister's naptime in the afternoon, which I greatly appreciate.  We do enjoy you having longer wake periods so we can interact with you more.  We got you a Rock 'N Play sleeper, which greatly helped your sleeping.  You like hanging out in it while we are eating dinner, too.

You enjoy laying on your playmat and are starting to notice your toys more.  You can sit in your Bumbo for very short periods of time, but you aren't a huge fan yet.  You like to pull hair and you like your hands near your face.  You do well in the car and fall asleep in your carseat a lot.  You like getting cozy and falling asleep when I wear you in my wrap, which helps when we're out and about in the mornings.  I definitely think you are going to be a cuddler - you love to be held and to hold onto my hand when you're laying down.  I love it!

You, Daddy, and I spent 5 days this month in Nashville, TN.  Daddy had to do a training for work so you and I tagged along while Brenna stayed with Nana/Pa Bill and Nanie for the week.  We got lots of cuddle time and you were patient with me as I lugged you to the workout room every morning.  We ate at lots of restaurants, met my friend Alana for lunch one day, walked around downtown Nashville, went to the Opryland Hotel, went to the Grand Ole Opry for a Rascall Flatts concert and again for a tour of it, and did some shopping.  Although we missed your sister, it was nice getting some one-on-one time with you!  We've also been to the beach, but I'll tell you all about that later since it technically happened during your third month! Grandpa Halsey and Sharon also came to meet you this month.

You are a joy to be around and I adore spending my days with you.  I hope you are always as happy and content as your are now.  I feel like your infancy is flying by and I'm trying to savor the moments with you as a tiny baby, because I know you won't be tiny for long.  I pray that when you grow up you'll be proud of the Mom that I have been to you, and that you never doubt my love for you!

I love you, Spud man!
Love, Mommy

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