Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 Months Old!

Dear Brenna,

I'm FINALLY sitting down to write your 20 month post. I'm 2 weeks late. It's been a chaotic last few weeks, and although I've meant to sit down and do this almost every day, it just hasn't happened. There are 2 main reasons for the delay. Reason #1 - We moved to North Carolina! We packed up our house on Daddy's 30th birthday, October 28, while you stayed in Bristol with Nanie. We all loaded up and headed south on Monday, October 31. We unloaded the truck that day and have been trying to get settled in ever since. You seem to be adjusting well, which I'm so thankful for. Reason #2 - You're going to be a big sister! Your baby brother or sister is making Mommy SICK, SICK, SICK! It's terrible timing because I have so much I need to do here at the house we're living in, but I just have no energy. You've been pretty good about playing on your own, cuddling up to read stories on the couch with me, and being pretty tolerant of me when I'm barely in commission during the days. I'm thankful we are here with Daddy now, and he helps out with you and plays with you a lot! Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and we can explore our new city together!

You still seem to be growing well and have been pretty healthy. You've had a bit of a cold for the past week or two, but it doesn't seem to bother you too much. You had a few days with a fever when you just wanted to rest and cuddle (perfect for me!), but otherwise you are your same happy self! You went through a period of short naps, but you've been doing much better this week - with 4 days of 4+ hour naps. Just this weekend you cut your bottom two canine teeth, so you've been drooling like crazy! Luckily none of this has required a doctor's appointment or any medicine other than a little Advil and some saline spray! I'm hoping for an ear-infection free winter!!

We celebrated your second Halloween on our first day in our new town. We met some of the neighbors and you got some treats while dressed in your Chinese girl outfit. We were walking between 2 houses and Daddy had a mini Twix bar in his hand. He looked down and you were chowing down on it through the wrapper, saying, "MMMM, choc-it!" It was hilarious. You don't have chocolate often at all, but you are definitely a fan! You still eat really well. Your favorite veggie is probably broccoli. You love ALL fruit. You like fruit snacks and crackers for snacks. You eat pretty much anything we give you for dinner. I'll even admit you've had a few helpings of pizza since that was the only mommy could think about eating for a little while during the early part of this pregnancy. Here's to more broccoli and less pizza!

You love counting, trying to say your ABCs, singing "Happy to you", which is your version of the happy birthday song, giving hugs, coloring (multiple times every day!), playing outside with your lawn mower and golf club set, reading your books, playing peek-a-boo, harassing Maggie, and playing "spish-spash" in the tub. I definitely notice a difference in your demeanor if you don't get to go outside on a given day. You've also played at the play place in the Hickory mall two times and you ADORE it. There is a slide you can climb up and go down on your own, and the way you look at us and grin when you do it is so cute. I have a feeling we'll be going there a lot during the colder winter months.

Some cute things you've started saying lately are:
*Good mornin!
*Brenna sorry. (Or Mommy/Daddy sorry if you think we should apologize for something).
*Mommy/Daddy hold her. (when you want to be held)
*Hi Daddy! Hi Mommy!
*Daddy home!
*Brenna want it! or I want some!
*Riding Maggie. (Apparently you think Maggie is a horse!)

You talk in sentences almost all the time these days and it blows my mind!! I think you got your parents' love of talking.

You've had a bit of a hitting/kicking spell lately. I'm not sure if it's because you're bored when Mommy is sick during the day, but it's a trying little phase. We're trying to discipline you in a way that shows you lots of love, but also lots of structure. We're still working on it and hoping it's a really short phase. You've started saying, "no hitting" when I get you from time-out, so maybe it's clicking!

All-in-all it's been the month with the biggest change in your life so far. I'm optimistic that we'll start getting more settled in our new town and can find new adventures to have together. I love you to pieces, Brenna, and so does your Daddy!

I love you, BIG SISTER Sprout!
Love, Mommy

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