Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#8 - Downtown Blacksburg & Downtown Salem

We live really close to 2 awesome places. We like Christiansburg, but it's more of a retail place with not many attractions that draw people here. However, we LOVE going to Blacksburg, which is only about 10 minutes west of us. It's full of fun little places, mostly because of the university. Some of the places I'll miss the most in Blacksburg are:

*Cabo Fish Taco - a yummmmmmy baja restaurant that is great for date nights
*Carol Lee Donuts - a place I should have never gone - and haven't been often - but their donuts are even better than Krispy Kreme
*Log Cabin BBQ - Jonathan's favorite place to eat - but I do realize we're moving to the land of BBQ
*Kent Square - where Jonathan bought my engagement ring and where we (rarely) treat ourselves to Ben & Jerry's
*7-Eleven - We covered that, right?
*Caboose Park - a super fun park with lots of space for picnics and playing
*VT dog park - a fun area behind the Vet school where Maggie loves to play and swim in the creek
*Huckleberry Trail - we'll talk about that later...
*The Cellar - a typical college town restaurant with a Greek flair and YUMMY pizza

The city of Salem, where we go to church, is fun, too. We don't frequent it too often, since it's about 30 minutes away, but we love hanging out there after church on Sundays. Here's what I'll miss about Salem:

*Greenhill Park - lots of memories here - Our church put on a HUGE 4th of July celebration for the whole city for several years here. We have had a few picnics here. I've taken Brittany to soccer practice here. I ran my first "competitive" race here - a 3K two years ago. And recently we had a super fun play date with London that I wish we could do every single week!
*Frank's Pizza - It's become our go-to after church lunch place.
*Mac & Bob's - oh-so-good everything

*Salem Red Sox field - We really enjoy watching this minor league team. I've even taken my students to a game for the past 2 years.
*Tokyo Express - really good, cheap Japanese food and sushi

So, apparently all we care about in either of these places is food. Maybe I'll lose some weight when we move.

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