Thursday, June 16, 2011

#7 - TFC

We are definitely going to miss our church family at The Freedom Center (TFC) in Salem. Jonathan was already attending TFC when we met, so it's always been a part of our story. We've made lots of memories, and met some great friends at this place. I won't ramble on about the church, but I'll chronicle some memories we have through pictures!

This is before I was even in the picture. I just found it on the computer and thought they both looked SO young - April (still a Brooks) and Kristen!
Jeremy, Adam, and Matt at one of the NYE services

Jeremy singing away at some gig

Guilie, Brittany, and Kristen during Fire & Ice a longgggg time ago

our whole group with our translator/friend Rachel in Mexico City 2006

mission work in Mexico

Donette, me, and Brittany - some of my favorites!

Caitlin and Jason in the nursery - They've grown so much.

ridiculous pictures from a NYE scavenger hunt 2008

leap frog

pyramid - Thanks for the sweet face, babe!

After Ezra playing at the Freedom Blast

building the stage

Our tiny church put together the fireworks display for the whole city of Salem (10,000 people) for several years. It was LOTS of hard work, but such a fun experience!


more Freedom Blast

worship music before the fireworks

fun shower games

at our baby shower

We had Brenna dedicated at TFC when she was almost 2 months old. Pastors Randy and Donette are very special to us. Donette has always been there for me when I needed someone to talk to (like when that boy who I knew I would marry broke up with me and then came to his senses), cry with, or laugh with. Their daughters, Kristen and Brittany are great friends of mine and it's been fun to watch them grow from middle/high schoolers to college students (and Kristen's even a graduate!) and great young women. Thank goodness for Facebook! :)

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