Monday, October 18, 2010

London is One and Grandma Abel is Eighty!

Brenna got to go to TWO birthday parties this weekend! She's decided parties are fun and she can't wait to have her own party in a few short months. First, on Saturday, we celebrated London's first birthday. How is it possible that he's a year old already?
London, his mama, his baby "sister" in utero, and his girlfriend on his birthday
not a fan of the messy hands...
Brenna tried to chear him up!
sneaking a taste of icing
opening his gift from Brenna
awww - sharing
chillin' with her future father-in-law
Then, on Saturday we snuck away to Bristol to surprise my grandma at her surprise 80th birthday party. She had NO clue and never suspected that when I called her to wish her happy birthday, that we were really on the way to her party! So fun!
Wasn't my grandma a hottie?
holding great-grandchild #3
This was probably her favorite part of the party - Brenna and Jayla together again!
my uncle Tommy and Aunt Sue, my grandma, my great-aunts Phyllis, Kat, Gay and Nancy, and my great-uncles Jack, Bill, and Pat
4 generations of Abel girls
Happy Birthday Grandma Abel and London! We love you both and we really enjoyed celebrating both of your birthdays this weekend!

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