Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Survey

I'm a really bad blogger. I'm going to try to work on that. I only have like 2 or 3 readers, so at least I'm not disappointing too many people. While you wait for me to have something interesting to say, here's a survey about baby Sprout that I stole from Merritt. The questions - not the answers.

How far along?
17 weeks and 4 days
How much weight gain? 4-5 pounds as of this morning - but I chalk that up to my MIL's cooking this weekend!
Is your bellybutton in? yes, but not much else is "in"
Wearing maternity clothes? the 2 articles that I have....can't find any that fit right quite yet
Cravings or aversions? no chicken, no way
Signs and symptoms? horrible back pain....think it might be my sciatic nerve already.....oh, and heartburn, restless legs, sore gums, headaches, and stuffy nose!
Feeling baby move? Not yet....maybe one little jab last night but I'm not terribly convinced....still waiting! I actually just felt it again....but Jonathan says it might just be the meatloaf, haha!
Pregnancy milestones? The 2nd trimester was fun.....made me worry a little less! Clothes not fitting was a milestone, but not really a fun one!
Upcoming appointments? October's the big one!
Name? Nope. Jonathan is super indecisive. We have it narrowed down to about 2 boy names and quite a few girl names. We'll start narrowing them down after the appointment!


  1. Hooray for baby updates!

    Sounds like you are probably feeling early movements - what fun! I had to wait a long time, it seemed - over 20 weeks. Enjoy it!

    I can't wait for your ultrasound next week! Are you going to be announcing names or keeping it quiet?

  2. The more I feel this crazy feelings, the more I think it might be the baby! AHH! I can't wait either - only 7 more days!! We'll probably announce when we are 100% sure, but not until then. That'll take awhile! :)


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