Friday, April 6, 2012

2 Years Old!

Dear Brenna,

It's been a month since you turned two, and quite honestly I've been procrastinating on writing your 24 month post. I think I might be in a little bit of denial that you are growing up so, so fast. But I do want to document some of the things that you've been doing, learning, and enjoying since your 23rd month post in February. It's been really, really warm almost every day, so you and I have enjoyed a lot of time playing outside! You absolutely love being outdoors, and I can always tell you are in a better mood when we figure out a way to get some energy out! We've also had a few playdates at some new friends' house, at the mall, and at a local park where you got to feed some ducks. I know we'll frequent that park a lot this spring and summer!

We've also finally found a church we like, so I look forward to helping you make some new friends that you can see consistently there, too. You still don't quite know how to play "with" other kids, but you are getting better at it as you get a little older. You pretty much still do your own thing, though. You've started playing with your baby dolls more, which I hope will help when your new brother comes along. I still dread the jealousy that I know will show up, at least a little bit.

You've been sleeping really well and taking good naps for the most part. Sometimes I even have to wake you in the mornings by 9:30 so you don't ruin your whole day's rhythm. We started letting you have a blanket in your crib, and it's so cute the way you curl up on your side with your arm around your bear and your blanket around you. You still want at least 2 pacis with you in your crib, and I'm well aware that the time for getting that habit broken is quickly approaching. Oh, I dread it!

Your eating is still unpredictable, but you definitely have inherited my love of junk food. You don't get much of it, or very often, but you like to have small bites of ice cream and you LOVE jellybeans as an occasional treat. Daddy is a big sucker when you ask for them! I have a feeling that I'll have to use this as a little "training treat" when we start potty training soon. You stilladore fruit, and you've developed a love of "big bread", which just means you want a whole piece of bread to eat. You like Chic-Fil-A nuggets with ketchup and mac-n-cheese. You're not too crazy about veggies at the moment, but we keep trying them to hope you'll like them again.

You birthday party was on March 3 and it was a blast. I did lots and lots of work on the Dr. Seuss themed stuff, and we set it up at a fellowship hall near Nana and Pa Bill's to be close to lots of family and friends. We ate lots of good food and you enjoyed playing with your friends and cousins. You got a ridiculous amount of gifts and were just showered with love!

You've gotten to go to several doctor appointments with me, and you know it's your brother when you hear the heartbeat on the doppler. Last night Daddy asked you what your brother said and you said, "I'm a Hokie!!" We laughed and laughed about this. You are always sayingsomething funny to catch us off guard. Some of the other noteworthy things you've done/said in the past weeks are:

*"mys" - You say this instead of mine. You'll pick something up and ask me, "Is this mys?"
*"Turn around!" - You say this when you want someone to look at you when you're talking to them.
*"That's enough." - This is one you obviously picked up from me! When someone is talking or doing something else you are tired of, you tell us "that's enough".
*"Be careful, Mommy!" - You made me and Nanie laugh so hard when you said this when I was driving one day. I guess that rear-facing car seat gives you a good view and you thought I pulled out of the parking lot a little fast.
*"I like it", "It's not good", "It's not licious (delicious)" - You certainly have your opinions about everything these days - especially food!
*"How bouuuuuuuuuuut......." - When you want something other than what we are offering you, you'll try to get us to change our minds. For instance, I tried to get you to eat carrots, and your reply was "How bouuuuuut fruit snacks?" HA!
*"That's my favorite thang." - We were walking through Hobby Lobby when you pointing out some craft supplies and said this. I didn't even know you knew those words!
*"Ready mommy/daddy?" - You like for us to watch you run, jump, etc. You'll ask us over and over if we're ready before you do something.
*"Snake dirty gross." - We have a stuffed caterpillar that came with an Eric Carle book that you are NOT a fan of.
*"...too" - You've learned to add the word "too" at the end of sentences. If I say something like "I'm hungry", you'll reply "I'm hungry, too". It's fun to see you learning to really form correct sentences.
*One day out of the blue you just asked me, "What's Sissy doing?". It was hilarious and so we called her to ask her! It made her day!
*You love to go to Nana's and Nanie's houses. When we pull in to Nanie's, you start naming all your toys. And you love to go on the swingset there. Nana and PA Bill took us to see the new baby calves a few weeks ago and you liked watching them out the window, but got a little scared when the cows got to close to the car. Whenever you see a lawn mower or tractor, you immediately start talking about Pa Bill!
*You love your ABC puzzle. You can identify almost every letter, and know a word that starts with at least half of them. We are amazed by how fast your learn things - and you never forget anything! You are learning to spell your name, and you know the words to lots of songs, which we sing all the time!
*You definitely like to test boundaries, and "NO!" is a favorite word. We're trying to use patience and teach you respect at the same time. Just in the last few days though, you've been saying "yes" at times. WOOHOO! You've also started saying "I'm sorry" on your own which is a big step! I know this is all just part of this stage of you learning about the world around you.
*You love balloons, picking flowers, umbrellas, your rain boots, your Hokie chair, jumping onto and off things (eek!), playing with stickers, coloring, playing with "meeno" (PlayDoh), and watching the PBS app on the Ipad.

You are a beautiful, energetic, smart little girl who brightens up our days! Although staying at home with you (especially while tired and pregnant) is hard at times, it is still so rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love you like crazy, Sprout!
Love, Mommy

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